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Anna Karen is a painter , inspired by Japanese culture , traditional and modern. She practices classical painting, but also digital illustration .

Her contemplative imagination pushes her to focus on the scenery and landscape, when she's creating a work. Passionate about video games, environmental design ideas abound in her mind.

However, other things affect his creativity: films from Ghibli studios,

his multiple trips to Japan , classical paintings , some anime , etc.


Her story

Art and creation appealed to Anna from an early age.
Painting and drawing of course, but also the history of Japanese art, since she had the opportunity to study the traditional aesthetics of this country at university, from 2006 to 2008.

But her attraction to Japan had really started in teenage years, with the discovery of two major works in her life:

Final Fantasy VII and Princess Mononoke.

This passion leaves traces in each of her paintings, just like the various trips she was able to make in the land of the rising sun thereafter.

She broadened her influences in the contemplation of Western paintings from the Japanese movement (Klimt, Manet…), and many modern and contemporary Japanese artists (Yoshitaka Amano, Kawase Hasui, Hajime Namiki etc).

And so she began to paint, have fun, and then create her own original paintings.

At first, it's just a hobby.

But a real construction is developed, first by setting up a workshop, then by meeting other artists, painters and illustrators..

2013 was the year of her first exhibition, at a convention dedicated to Asia and its
different cultures.

In 2016, she received a French prize from the Conseil Général de Seine-et-Marne at the painting fair in Saint-Mammès.

Many collaborations are emerging, in the artistic field but also in publishing, teaching, decoration and events.

It is the phases of research and the beginnings of a work that transcend her the most,
engage his imagination and make her mind travel.

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